name = first name and family name
middle name = middle name
sex = sex
date of birth = date of birth
date of death = date of death
single years = age of buried
cause of death = cause of death
kinship = kinship
rank status = rank status
occupation = occupation
country orig = country which buried is born
addl info = additional info for buried
history = short story for life of buried
fam vlt = vault in which multiple members of same extended family interred
The red circle on the cemetery map indicates where an individual is buried
Middle name: I.
Sex: M
Date of Death: 1804-1-24
Years : 29
Epitaph: In memory of George I. Eacker, who departed this life on the twenty fourth day of January --
History: Alexander Hamilton's death as a result of wounds sustained during a duel with Aaron Burr is well-known; less well-known is the fact that three years prior to this, Hamilton's eldest son Philip was mortally wounded in a duel with George I. Eacker three years earlier, apparently over remarks Eacker had made about Hamilton's father. Hamilton, who used the very same rifle as his son in his famous duel, is buried in Trinity Churchyard; Eacker is buried just a few blocks north at St. Paul's. Philip is reportedly buried at Trinity as well, though the location is unknown.